Short guide on how to do online marketing over Christmas

How to do online marketing over Christmas? What tactics and techniques can be implemented and applied to both an e-commerce and a physical store to exploit one of the hottest periods of the year from a commercial point of view? These are questions that every company that sells products to the public arises when the Christmas season arrives.

In reality, the winning strategy involves the launch of a marketing plan that is not limited to just one action to focus on. A good plan must include a multiplicity of initiatives that can reach customers on several fronts, involving them and convincing them to purchase.

In general it can be said that in the days preceding Christmas, marketing and communication must be oriented almost entirely to develop sales . This is not the time to make wide-ranging communication or simple brand awareness: you must aim to conclude sales, because most people are ready to make purchases.

The logic to be followed is precisely that of a sales action, characterized in particular by a supporting theme that is precisely that of Christmas parties. Attracting attention, involving, encouraging the purchase: three elementary phases of a sales action which at this time of the year must be put into practice in an urgent and direct way.

Here are the most effective specific tactics and techniques to do digital marketing during the Christmas and Christmas period and increase the sales of a physical store or an e-commerce.

Insert Christmas graphics in the site and in the profiles and social pages
The Christmas period has its symbols: festoons, Christmas trees, colored balls, stars, etc. they are all embellishments that users appreciate and recognize immediately. Immediately spruce up the site and all accounts and business pages with this type of graphic decoration means giving users the perception of that festive atmosphere that will lead them to think that it is worth taking into consideration what the company has to offer. If you do not have a chart inside the company that can perform all the aesthetic interventions on the pages of the site and social networks, it is advisable to invest a small budget by contacting your agency of reference.

Involve company personnel to publish content on how the company is experiencing the Christmas season
The company that manages to convey a Christmas spirit is the one that can most easily attract and win over the public. The decorations are essential, but they are not enough: even the company staff must show themselves immersed in the climate and positive mood typical of Christmas. Creating short videos, group photos or even blog posts where the staff tells the most positive aspects of their work at this time of year can captivate the audience. The effects are those of finding greater empathy and being more stimulated to purchase. A customer who perceives positivity in a company is more inclined to choose it for his purchases and the Christmas period can help to provide this impression.

Make live streaming in Facebook and on social media about situations related to Christmas
In addition to letting staff speak, it is possible to organize streaming sessions in Facebook or in other social media in a company store or in an area where an ad hoc set up for Christmas has been done.or a special event designed for the occasion. For example you can make a streaming involving customers present at the point of sale: ask what are the products that most likely will buy, where will spend the night of Christmas, what are the gifts they would prefer to receive, etc. You can ask common questions but in a lively and cheerful way, which in an online streaming context can attract the attention of the social audience and create curiosity towards the company and its products. During the streaming you can also present products in particularly partying contexts or propose special purchase opportunities.

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